Sunday, September 25, 2011


Time to stop the political insanity.  Let's go back to the voting district boundries being drawn on geographical terms, not political terms.

And for those of you that say, well, what about racial lines, are you telling me I must vote for a white person as only they can represent me?

Kind of racist don't you think?

Simple: If you still believe that man is causing global warming, you are uninformed.

If you sitll believe in man made global warming you are uninformed.  It is that simple.  You can still try to spout the "consensus" line, or maybe repeat the Nobel Prize winner Al Gore mantra.  But the realitiy is this, the AGW story is losing supporters by the day and they cannot stand it.

Fact (not a model, but a fact):  The earth's tempature has cooled for the last 10 years, while C02 levels have increased.  This is an undisputed fact, not theory.
      Note:  some AGW folks reported that the extra heat was absorbed by the ocean and that AGW is still occuring.  So, let me see, the earth was warming, but Mother Earth fixed the problem.  Ahhhh...these people are unbelievable.

If only the media would report the facts.  Too bad.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UARS - Where will it land???????

Not a very good picture, but who cares, it is going to crash anyway
With the re-entry (NASA name for crash landing) of UARS coming soon to a town to be named, I thought you mike like an update on my first experience with crashing satellites.

For those of us that were around in 1979 we remember the worry that the earth bound Skylab caused us all.  I was living in Kansas City at the time and I remember attending a couple of Skylab parties in which the patrons stood outside wearing whatever head protection they could come up with.  Also, large quantities of alcohol were involved to deaden the pain of getting hit by Skylab. 

You could actually see Skylab with the naked eye on two evenings in KC before the thing crashed.  It was one of the few fun events of the late 70’s as I remember.  Jimmy Carter was President, and gas prices were all the way up to $ .75 per gallon, along with long gas lines in some cities.

There were bets and rewards for guessing when and where Skylab would crash, as well as money to be earned if the thing actually hit you.

The thing finally crashed in Australia and they actually fined the United States $400 US for littering.  This is a fact.  The US did not pay until 30 years later when a radio show host raised the money and sent it to Australia.

Here is the drink recipe for the Skylab….it may help you with eventual crashing of UAR.

The SKYLAB drink
•1 oz. Brandy, apricot
•1 oz. Curacao, blue
•1 oz. Rum, white
•1 oz. Vodka
•1 splash Orange Juice
•1 oz. Pineapple Juice
•1 whole Cherries/Maraschinos
•1 slice Oranges
Mixing Instructions
Mix ingredients and pour over ice into a highball glass. Garnish with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry.

 Really folks how about a better name for the satellite….like the OPoNum….you know the Obama Poll Numbers, they are crashing almost as fast as UARS.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obama-Buffet Tax - Mr. Speaker, please say you will pass it....

The Obama-Buffet Tax is really nothing more than a political ploy (note, I did not say stunt, as ploys are allowed in politics) that is designed to breathe life back into the liberal base of the Democratic Party.  It really would be funny if the republicans were to say, go ahead Mr. President, we will vote for Obama-Buffet.  Then just watch the president back track, jump through hoops and take a long vacation.

This Wall Street Journal analysis (Wall Street Journal Story) of the proposed bill is the best I have read yet.  Here is a piece of the story:

There's one small problem: The entire Buffett Rule premise is false, as the nearby table shows. In 2008, the last year for which such data are available, the IRS reports that those who made more than $1 million in adjusted gross income paid an average income tax rate of 23.3%.
That's slightly lower than the 24.1% rate paid by those making between $500,000 and $1 million, probably because the richest are like Mr. Buffett and earn more from capital gains and dividends. The rate for a relative handful of the rich—400 people—fell to 18%, the modern equivalent of Barr's Gang of 21. But nearly all millionaires still paid a rate that is more than twice the 8.9% average rate paid by those earning between $50,000 and $100,000, and more than three times the 7.2% average rate paid by those earning less than $50,000. The larger point is that the claim that CEOs are routinely paying lower tax rates than their secretaries is Omaha hokum.

So, the real deal with this proposed tax increase on the supposed rich is nothing but a liberal tax rate increase.  Just what the president spoke against in 2009.  Again, the speaker should tell the president, yep, we will pass your bill.  Then we will see whose taxes really will go up under this political ploy and which democrats would be first to vote against the bill.


I took a little time off from the blogging sphere to clear the brain...and do some listening vs. talking.  A good idea for anyone.