Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court Rules Obamacare Mandate A Tax

The US Supreme Court just ruled that the mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act is Ok under the US Constitution. The only way it is allowed is if the mandate is considered a TAX. Of course President Obama and every democratic legislator said during the congressional battle that the mandate was not a tax and therefore should be approved was obviously a multi billion dollar lie. More to come.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Why I love speak a thousand calories....

Any way, I'M BACK.  My little 4 month sabbatical is over, and I am ready and willing to jump back into the blog world.

Let's see, what have I missed:

1.  Bucks left....of course they did, attendance was way down.  Lots of causes, some self inflicted, some not.  Anyway, spilled milk now.   PS, informed rumor, there will be a Junior team coming to Laredo.  Actually the hockey is pretty good, and will surprise a lot of folks.

2.  Baseball stadium opens.  It will always be the ballpark to me, no matter what the naming rights.  Of course plenty of you in Laredo hate the ballpark, like you hated the arena, and will hate the city golf course.  Not much one can do to change your minds, but it surprises me that while you hate these venues for fiscal reasons, you never say anything bad about the park system and the money wasted there, nor about the enormous percentage of the city budget spent on fire and police.  Oh well, pick your fights I guess.

Anyway, I attended my first game 5 days after the grand opening.  I cannot stand political glad handing and backslapping, so I stayed away from opening day.  No matter what anyone says, the ballpark is a great venue for watching America's pastime.  Not a bad seat in the house as they say, and ticket and food prices are good.

3.  The Floor....of course city council bought a basketball floor for the BB team in Nuevo Laredo so they can play some games here.  OK, let's see what the city's deal is with the BB team...I have heard it might be zero rent at the, if only the other team had that deal, we would still have a CHL team.  PS< I really wonder if LISD or UISD will pay to play any playoff games at the LEA.  It would cost (my guess) $2,000 to $5,000 to put on a game (staff, cleaning crews, off duty fire and police, etc....)  Just have to wait and see.

4.  The Roses or whatever scantily clad football team was named, they were unable to play at the ballpark last weekend.   Not a Ventura Sports decision, but a city of Laredo decision.  Now, I hear the fireworks for July 4th at the ballpark have also been cancelled.  Wonder if the city did that to stop competition with their fireworks show at the Civic Center on July 4th.  If so, how stupid, idiotic, childish, dumb (and many more descriptors I can't think of right now) is that?

Oh well, that covers the sports scene.

5.  The plastic bag ban is another topic of discussion.   I would ask the banners why just plastic bags, why not cans, bottles, tires, and all the other trash in Laredo?  Oh, that is a littering problem.  Anyway watch out for bags that jump into trees.

6.  Local elections.....all Democrats as usual, enough said.

7.  Gas prices.  Laredo, we are getting screwed by our local gas companies.  Gas is much cheaper all around us.  Thank you neighborhood gas man for that.  PS, gas should be under $2.50 nationally, except we still refuse to allow more oil drilling access and we refuse to embrace natural gas as a vehicle fuel.  Electric cars are not the answer, never have been.  Just ask a golfer or golf course manager what is better, a gas cart, or an electric cart?   Gas wins out the majority of the time.

8.  National politics...I will save this for some later post.

Anyway Laredo, I woke up, and am back.  Hope you all tune in regularly.