Thursday, January 19, 2012

Does President Obama Really Care About You?

Late yesterday, the Obama administration announced they would not authorize construction of the Keystone pipeline project.  There are several, purley political, reasons the president took this action. 

But  issue is this, plain and simple.  The president, along with the environmental elite, do not want you, the normal US citizen,  to have access to any energy source that is not  "GREEN."  This president embraces GREEN energy as the power of the future.   Wind and solar power are some the technoligies he believes will make up our energy future.  Those technoligies have been used and tested for over 50 years, and are STILL not, cost efficient, energy sources that can be relied upon to power this counrty.

So, in declining to build the pipeline, the president has further sentenced the American consumer, power user, and vehicle operators to higher energy cost.  Simpley speaking, he is taking money out of your pocket to appease his environmental friends on the west coast. 

Thank goodness for the upcoming election.

Friday, January 13, 2012

LEA Packed Again

For all you out there that say the Laredo Energy Arena is a white elephant.  Well there were anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 people at the LEA today visiting the Job Fair put on by Texas Workforce Commision.  No where else in Laredo could have hosted such a large event.

PS, WWE wrestling was packed with over 6,000 people earlier this week.

White elephant, me thinks not.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stupid Farmers, You Hate Your Kids, You Make Them Work in Unsafe Environments

Well, well, some northeastern liberal working for the NCLC cares more about the children of farmers than the farmer and his family does.  This is what you get in a nanny state, people who know more about your life and desires than you do.  They know what is better for you, safer for you, and as such want to tell you how to live your life.

Yes, the National Child Labor Committee has persuaded  President Obama and his gang in Washington to implement a new set of “Child Labor Laws” that will affect the family farm, and I’ll bet if you dig deep enough, that you will find it may affect your own non-farm home.  Especially if your kids use tools or machines in yard work or work on the house.

Here is a portion of the KC Star article concerning the new nanny state laws being implemented. 

The proposed rules — the first to address youth labor in more than four decades — have stirred alarm and confusion among family farms, where children have been pitching in since mankind’s earliest h• Paid workers age 15 and younger would be barred from operating tractors, combines, ATVs and almost all power-driven equipment, unless they obtain special certification.
• Youths under the age of 18 would not be allowed to work at grain elevators, silos, feed lots, livestock auctions or in the transporting of raw farm materials.
• Tobacco fields would be off-limits to workers under age 16 due to concerns about a problem called green-tobacco sickness, caused by the exposure to nicotine.
• Children in both agricultural and non-farm work would be restricted from using personal electronic devices, including walkie-talkies, while operating equipment.

“While we understand with some families there’s a history of having children work on the farm, that doesn’t make it safe,” said Jeff Newman of the National Child Labor Committee, a non-governmental advocacy group based in New York.

“The fact is, kids are at risk when driving a tractor,” Newman said. “I’ve been president of the NCLC since 1974, and this has been a simmering issue since about that time.”

So Mr. Newman, I guess your kids stay indoors, in a sterile environment, reading books and getting smarter so they too can someday tell others how to live their lives.  Why I’ll even bet you don’t allow your kids to operate a broom or vacuum, let alone a lawn mower.  I would bet you have that work hired out.

 This simple set of rules describes the entire liberal agenda.  It is about controlling you and your lifestyle in order to make you more like them.  They cannot stand it that most Americans believe in hard work, fair play, and the right to succeed and earn as much money, or status as they wish.  And that if you don’t work hard and try to succeed you will be a failure and should bear that burden yourself.  The liberals also cannot believe that Americans do not want to be constrained by the lowest common denominators of society.  We do not want to lower the bar in school so every one passes, even with failing grades,  no matter their socio-economic, immigration, or physical/mental status.  We, conservatives, believe in helping those who have a hard time succeeding, but do not want to lower expectations for everyone in doing so.

So, when these rules come to light (rules, not law passed by congress) it is pretty obvious that there is a major disconnect in our society.  Those that want to manage your life for you, versus, those that want to be left alone to prosper and pass down life lessons that have been learned through hard work and experience.