Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sara Was Right About One Thing - English in Laredo

Complain as you wish about Sara, but she may have been somewhat prophetic in her rant.
Take some local news that I just heard, 94.9 FM will no longer be an English speaking station and most likely will not carry rock and roll music.

That leaves just 3, repeat 3 English speaking stations in Laredo that I can find on "seek" on my FM dial.  FM 106 point whatever is English speaking RAP music, not going to get my ear.  FM 98.1 is English speaking country music, which I listen to on occasion.  1490 AM, is ESPN sports, which is temporarily off the air now, and may come back, which I still listen to.  And of course there is KHOY 88.1....I know their commercials are in English, but no DJ's. 

Yet, there are lots and lots of Mexican FM and AM stations to chose from.  Of course I get WOAI 1200 AM pretty good, so I am still happy.  But local advertisers on the radio, you have lost me (which may not be a big deal, but to the hundreds of locals who do not speak Spanish, adios...)

So, a United States city with over 250,000 people has only 4 English speaking radio stations, one rap, one country, one sports, and one general music with no DJ's.

Laredo, what say you?


  1. I listen to XM radio.

  2. I say the musical palate in Laredo is stale and needs some satiation!

    Is there no support for college/university radio?

  3. That is why Tom you need to upgrade your nextel to an android phone, avoid Iphone from ATT not unlimited internet, an download apps that provide English stations. I dread going to Laredo because i know there are no good radio stations. I opted to pay the 500$ for lifetime Sirius and i have hooked up to my radio my android phone that allows me to listen to the radio stations from Austin while I am in Laredo.