Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey Tornado Survivor, I Want Your Opinion On..........: Media and elected officials exhibit stupidity.

Man and son rummaging through their demolished
home after the Moore tornado two days ago.
OK friends, here I go on a rant about some stupid questions being posed right now in Moore, Ok.,  the scene of a horrific F5 tornado that occurred 72 hours ago at the time of this posting.

The media, which has national correspondents all over the place in Moore, are asking some of the dumbest questions ever to some of the people trying to gather their belongings and start to rebuild their lives.  And some local politicians are tagging along like baby ducklings following mommy duck to the pond.

What I am talking about is the press actually asking these people, like the guys in the picture, if they think there should be a new law in Oklahoma requiring that all residents and schools have an underground storm shelter.  Now I don't know about you, but my guess is these guys are a little busy trying to get their hands around what has happened to them.  I would bet that when they take a water or lunch break (if they even do that) that the topic of conversation will be; "I wonder what kind of new legislation we can pass that will prevent tornadoes?"  Of course I jest on the question, but to be asking these folks questions about anything other than what kind of aid or help do you need right now is cruel and stupid.

Media members, there will be plenty of time in the future for these conversations, but not right now, these folks have enough to think/worry about.

And to you Oklahoma politicians, quit the backslapping, praise heaping, and future election posturing, and focus on the job at hand.  I know there are lots of cameras and famous news personalities running around with live microphones, but do your constituents a favor: Shut up and work.

Again folks, 75 hours ago from when I posted this, these two guys above were making plans for Memorial Day weekend.  Now their full time focus is on recovery and repair.  So should yours be.

PS, good job President Obama for staying away from Moore while the initial recovery and clean up begin.  Sunday is a good time to visit.


  1. Anytime you add the human factor,,,,,,

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