Monday, May 27, 2013

A Post for Defenders of the American Way

To all those veterans of foreign wars, to all those that have served in the military, Thank You.

The only people in this country who should not know of your sacrifices are the very young children who have not yet entered school.

And in some cases, even the very young children will be aware of the needs of the country that has taken their mommies and daddies to war, as they now have no mommy or daddy at home.  They may not yet understand the reason, but if we, as a nation do our jobs, they will always know that their mommy or daddy gave their lives for the greatest nation on the planet.

A nation that sends its sons and daughters to war in far away lands so the the torch of freedom may someday burn in those lands.

A nation that sends it sons and daughters to war in far away places to defend the defenseless.

A nation that sends it sons and daughters to far away military bases to stand watch and keep the world as safe as possible.

A nation that understands the only payment that can assure true peace is a willingness to shed the blood of its young adults in defense of the American way.

God bless you all, and enjoy today, and the thanks of a grateful nation.


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