Friday, May 10, 2013

Hodge-Podge Friday: Pick a topic, or make up your own

 Welcome to my new Hodge-Podge Friday post.  Pick a topic, any or all, or add your own, and let'er rip.

A fact you should know and understand.  No government can fix a broken economy.  Can't be done.  All government can do is hinder economic growth through regulation.  The can only help an economy by removing regulation.  Some regulation is required.  How do I know this is true?  Because if government could fix an economy, why would there ever be an economic downturn?  What elected official wants a down economy?

Global warming/climate change are government names given to contrived events designed to scare the population of the world into forgoing sovereignty, giving up cash, and giving up the lifestyle you are accustomed to in order to allow the select few to rule you.  Note:  they, the select few will give up nothing in the name of their sacred cows.

Now that the temperature has not gone up in years (over 16), and carbon dioxide is at a very high level (this was to mean doom to the world according to the global warming hysterics), hopefully we can get back to living our lives without a guilty conscience  you know the tool used by the so called environmental groups to get you to give up things that make your life better.

When is Del Mar ever going to be 4 lanes wide from I-35 to Loop 20?  When is Bartlett going to be connected to Del Mar? When will the police ever enforce our existing traffic laws, red lights, speeding, etc...?  These are a few questions I would like city council to ponder instead of putting up a net at the ballpark, or spending hours at the meetings backslapping and photo taking.

I am concerned that the city may pass a bicycle right of way ordinance that will not only be impossible to enforce but will cause such confusion among passenger car and truck drivers that someone will get killed because of it.  The law today is that any motor vehicle, no matter what the circumstances, repeat, no matter what the circumstances must yield to bicycles and pedestrians.  There are no exceptions.

So, why do we need a confusing ordinance?

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