Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sequestration Update: How would Andy Griffith respond?

Opie throwing a fit on the floor in front of his father.
If you love the Andy Griffith show as much as I do, you will undoubtedly remember the episode called titled The Spoiled Kid.

Here is a quick outline of the plot.  Mayberry is having a bit of a problem with a boy who is continually riding his bike on the sidewalks and knocking people over. The boy, Arnold Winkler, has just gotten his new bicycle and for Opie, it's a beauty. Actually, Opie thinks Arnold, who has just moved to Mayberry with his family, is the luckiest kid around. He not only has a new $70 bike, but he gets a much bigger allowance and doesn't have to do chores to get it. He thinks Opie is a sap and gives him some hints on how to get what he wants out of parents, like stomping your feet, holding your breath and pretending to cry. When Opie tries it with Andy, it doesn't get him very far. When Andy and Barney impound Arnold's bike for again riding on the sidewalk, they get a visit from the boy's father who soon comes to realize just how selfish and arrogant his little boy is.

So, Tom, how is it even possible that this episode of a long gone television show is related to today's events involving sequester?

Well, here I go:  Just think of President Obama and his cabinet as the "spoiled kid."  This spoiled kid refuses to accept a small reduction in the growth of his allowance.  Remember, his allowance does not shrink, but instead of getting a $1 increase in allowance, he only gets $.95 cents.  His allowance of $250 is only going up to $250.95 instead of $251.00, a 2 percent reduction in growth.

Now, the President goes to the public and says, hey Paw (new name for voters), why are you cutting my allowance, you always gave me a dollar raise, now you are taking money out of my pocket.  Paw says, well Mr. President, I am not taking one penny from you, I actually am giving you more money, and you need to spend it wisely. 

Well, that is not good enough for the President, so he, and his gang of kids (the cabinet) decide to throw temper tantrums, not by falling on the floor and flailing their arms and legs, nor by holding their breath, but by doing everything they possibly can to make Paw suffer.  Like cutting the number of air traffic controllers hours , and reducing security at the border, and what ever else they can cut to assure pain to Paw.  The President and his gang of kids do this instead of making cuts where there will be no noticible loss of service, such as cutting travel to and from meetings, reducing wasted spending on projects like studying the sexual habits of snails, and many others to numerous to list.  

Nope, the President insist, no demands, no really, really insist that the funds for growth be added back.  Like the spoiled kid, he throws fits, and by use of the cabinet is blackmailing the American public to go along with his way, which is to continue to see government grow for the sake of growth alone.

Andy Griffith, if still alive, would tell the President; "Hey son, you can throw all the tantrums you want, but you still are not getting the extra nickle.  Even though I am giving you more money than last year, you whine like a baby.  Go ahead, whine and cry, my mind is made up.  I am the adult, you are the child, my say is final."


  1. Interesting,,, very interesting analogy. I’m sure Glen Beck would agree however,,, he might take it and run in a whole nother direction.!.. I’ll be watching this one. “Twisted Sister,,, come out and play.”

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