Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Frac-a-steria....This time they want to end the practice of fraking

To the Frac-A-Sterics in Laredo:  Do you want to stop the process of fracking in the production of natural gas and oil wells?  My bet is yes you do. 
Now, I agree there should be regulation. And there are lots of regulations.  But because the state regulators who oversee fracking in all the states where it occurring have not deemed the practice unsafe the environmental groups are not happy.  Environmental groups want to have Uncle Sam send out the “real” inspectors from the EPA.  But the EPA has even said that the practice of fracking is safe.  But not to be deterred, the environmental groups are getting the politicians involved to have them stop fracking which means reduce natural gas production.
Anything to stop fracking, because this group hates the inevitable results.  The newfound natural gas will make windmills and solar power even less viable than it is now.  Cheap and easily accessible energy is the antithesis of the environmental coalition’s energy policy.   

Here is the opening of a letter sent to the President urging him to do just that.  This letter is appearing all over the Facebook pages of the Safe Fracking Coalition and other local environmentalist.

August 8, 2011
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:
On behalf of Americans who live in every US state and territory, we urge that you employ any
legal means to put a halt to hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), a highly controversial and
dangerous method of “natural” gas exploration, until and unless the environmental and health
impacts of this process are well understood and the public is adequately protected.

The letter was sent by:
Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments * Center for Biological Diversity *
Center for Environmental Health * Center for Health, Environment & Justice * Center for Media and Democracy *Chesapeake Climate Action Network * Citizens Climate Lobby * Clean Water Network * DeSmogBlog  *Earth Day Network * Energy Action Coalition * Environment America * Environmental Health Fund *Food & Water Watch * Friends of the Earth * Global Community Monitor * Greenpeace USA *
Health Care Without Harm * Healthy Building Network * International Center for Technology             Assessment *Labor Network for Sustainability * Oil Change International * Psychologists for Social Responsibility *Public Citizen * Rainforest Action Network * Science & Environmental Health Network * *All One Water * Casa Pueblo de Puerto Rico * Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities *Citizens Against Titan * Citizens Campaign for the Environment * Citizens' Environmental Coalition *
Citizens for Water * Clean and Healthy New York * Climate Action Alliance of the Valley *
Climate Protection Campaign * Communities United for Rights and Environment *
Concerned Citizens of Portage County * Concerned Citizens of Ulysses * Damascus Citizens for         Sustainability *Delaware Riverkeeper Network * Empire State Consumer Project * Farmworker Association of Florida *

Take a peak at some of these websites.  You will be amazed.

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